James Ward Elementary School
2701 South Shields Avenue
Chicago, IL. 60616
Phone # 773-534-9050
Fax # 773-534-9044
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Ms. Karen D. Anderson
Mrs. Maria Norville
Assistant Principal

"We're On The Winning Team"
Level 1+ World Language School
Awesome Funding Opportunitues
Donor's Choose
An organization that matches schools in need with funding companies and people. Anyone can fund projects at www.donorschoose.org or send your donation to Mrs. Chacon (room 209) and I will donate in your name (please say which project you are donating to). Here are some projects you can fund.

Free Choice Art Station: Legos!

Bringing Things to Life with Care!

Trip of A Lifetime

Paper Back Writer: Paper for Classroom

Scientist Gather!

Little Readers Become Great Leaders!

Risers for Rising Stars!

Join JWS in Shoparoo

Please join JWS in Shoparoo. Help JWS raise funds by shopping anywhere and scanning your receipts into the shoparoo app for Roo Bucks and Raffles. You can also send receipts to Mrs. Chacon (room 209) and I will scan them in.  Instructions

* Download the Shoparoo app
* Sign up with our school
* Use the code maf17620 for extra Roo $
* Scan receipts in as you shop 
* See how you rank on the School Leaders list.
* Watch our funds grow

Top 5 Shoparoo School Leaders

* There will be a winner every month.
* If you win then you are not eligible to win again until the following January. This gives other people a chance to win.
* Please only register in one name...so that no one wins more than once a year.
* We will be going from January to January.
* Keep scanning even if you won already...it gives our school funds :)
An incentive for top person of the month will be awarded July 31st at 11 PM...Good Luck!!

Top 5 Shoparoo School Leaders

LEGO Master 1,455
Megan Huang 1,395
Joyce Hui 1,130
M H 855
Q L 815

January - Ms. Moy (Legomaster)
​February - Megan Huang
March - Joyce Hui
April - Mrs. Ray
May - Cathy Chacon
June - Don Don
July - Kevin
August - Grace Chung
September - Happy 8th Grader
October - J. Li
November - Fifth Grader
December - F H
Mrs. Chacon on her "Projects Coming to Life" projects.

Ms. Hung on her "Help a Public Preschool Classroom Transform into a STEM Lab" project.

Mrs. Escude on her "No Paper Please! Let's Grasp Math with Easels" project.

Mr. Reed on his "Around the Globe: Maps and Globe for Classroom" project.

Mrs. Dilley on her "Listen Up! project. 

Ms. Richmond for her "The Physics of Sound" project.

Mrs. Jesus for her "Hands-On Word Builders" project.

Mrs. Rewers for her "Extra Etra Read What We've Written!" project.

Ms. Richmond for her "Making Chemistry Come Alive!" project.