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James Ward Spanish Website (Remote Learning Resources 2020-2021)
- Information regarding curriculum, student schedules, and link to virtual Spanish classroom.

James Ward Elementary School is a World Language Magnet Cluster School located in the Bridgeport and Chinatown neighborhoods in Chicago. Our 500+ students represent rich and diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

As a World Language Magnet Cluster School, we offer Spanish as a foreign language to all students from grades pre-K to 8. Each student has Spanish once a week for 60 minutes. Classes are conducted predominantly in Spanish. Each unit will focus on speaking, reading, writing and listening skills and will provide ample opportunities for the children to explore the language and culture. Additionally, throughout the course of the year, the students will be learning and practicing in Spanish the concepts learned in math, science and social studies through a hands-on approach.

Because Ward school a Chicago Public School with a World Language Magnet Cluster Program, students from all over the city can apply to study in our school. You can find more information about CPS Magnet Schools and Magnet Cluster Schools as well as application requirements and forms at

Study of another language truly places the world in your hands: you will be prepared to meet and work with people from other cultures. With the advancement of technology and the global marketplace, study of another language enhances job opportunities for everyone. Be prepared for the world of tomorrow by studying another language today!