Mrs. Amy McGreal » Welcome to 3rd/4th Science at James Ward!

Welcome to 3rd/4th Science at James Ward!

Welcome to the 2020/2021 school year! 
This year will be a little different as we embark on this remote learning journey together. While we won't be in the same room together, my goal is to bring science to the students wherever they are! 
Science instruction at Ward is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. This means that students are figuring out science ideas by engaging in the science and engineering practices. In Next Generation Science classrooms, students are not learning about, they are figuring out. They will be presented with real world phenomena and asked to wonder about and plan ideas for investigation of the phenomena. Student assessments are also rooted in the idea of grappling with authentic real world phenomena. They will learn how to think, write, talk, and act like scientists.