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Below are links to the framework upon which your version of DesCartes is based. In order to present the information in a manner that best supports instruction, in some instances it was necessary to modify the organization and grouping of content. This framework outlines the subject-area information found within DesCartes (a framework of basic skills that students should have mastered at the given RIT Bands).
下面的框架連結是基于你的笛卡尔版本。为了呈现信息中最佳的指示,在某些情况下,有必要修改组织的内容和分组。该框架概括笛卡尔内发现的学科领域信息(此架框是指学生应该在给予的RIT課程已经熟悉的基本技能) 。
RIT is an acronym for the Rasch Unit named in honor of Georg Rasch.
RIT: 是一个缩写 为纪念乔治·罗序命名的罗序单位。
Below is a link to the explanation of the RIT Scores.
Below are links to DesCartes (a framework of basic skills that students should have mastered at the given RIT Band) for mathematics 2-5 common core, mathematics 6+ common core, and reading common core.
以下是連結到笛卡尔(此架框是指学生应该在给予的RIT課程已经熟悉的基本技能)数学2-5共同的核心,数学6 +共同的核心,和阅读共同的核心。
Below is a link to the 2011 Norms Percentile Report for math and reading in fall, winter and spring. How to read this chart: The numbers on the far left and right is the percentile ranking in the class; the numbers across the top is the grade of the student; the numbers in the middle of the chart are the RIT scores. So find your child’s grade level first, then go down the column and find your child’s RIT score, then go across to the percentile and that is the percentile of where your student is within that class.
下面是一个連結到2011年秋季,冬季和春季数学和阅读的规范百分点报告。如何读懂这张图:最左边的数字是在班級中的百分位排名; 在顶部的数字是学生的年级; 在图中间的数字是RIT分数。所以先找到你的孩子的年级,然后再往下,找到你的孩子的RIT得分,然后去橫向的百分位,这是你的学生在班级中的百分位。
Below are links for samples of math, reading and operations/algebraic thinking. Also links for RIT reference charts (samples by RIT level).
下面是数学阅读和操作/代数思考样本的連結。还連結了RIT参考图表( RIT的水平样本)。
Below is a link to the NWEA Parent Toolkit This Parent Toolkit was created by NWEA as a resource guide for parents. It includes Frequently Asked Questions, The Lexile Framework for reading, Tips for Parents, Websites for Kids and Parents, and Commonly Used Terms. NWEA hopes you find this toolkit helpful and invites you to have conversations with your school district personnel about NWEA’s assessment tools.
下面是一个連結到NWEA家长工具包。该工具包是由NWEA创建为家长资源指南。它包括常见问题,蓝思阅读框架,家长提示,孩子和家长网站,和常用术语。 NWEA希望这个工具包對您有所幫助,并邀请您与您的学区工作人员交谈有任何关于NWEA的评估工具。