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Welcome to James Ward School Technology/STEAM website. My name is Mrs. Chacon and I will be teaching technology/STEAM to students from Pre-Kindergarten to 8th grade. My lessons will be based on the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Standards and the NETS (National Educational Technology) Standards. Sometimes incorporating the Common Core Standards
Grading Scale Homework Projects/Assessments
A = 100-90
B = 89-80
C = 79-70
D = 69-60
F = 59 and below
Technology projects are mostly completed in class, although sometimes students will have to do some of the work from home. The internet is a must for our projects to be completed. If students let me know I can be available for assistance anyday after school.  Projects/Assessments are graded using a rubric varying in points depending on the project. 
Participation Scale
Grading Points Scale for Participation
3 points - Being on task (working on task, not socializing, and not disturbing others)
3 points - Being respectful (to other students, adults, and the equipment)
2 points - Coming prepared
1 point - Proper entry (on 0 or 1, sit at your seat and wait for direction, if teacher is busy go to typing practice on 0 volume)
1 point - Proper dismissal (headphones up on monitor, chair pushed in, and line up on 0 when told to do so)