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Chicago, IL. 60616
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Ms. Karen D. Anderson
Mrs. Maria Norville
Assistant Principal

"Stay Positive..Work Hard..Make It Happen"
Level 1+ World Language School
Our theme for this school year is 
“We’re On The Winning Team”.  
When we work together towards a 
common goal, we allow individuals 
to bring forth his/her skills and talents
while coordinating efforts of other 
team members to produce a
desirable outcome.  James Ward 
School consists of several teams 
(students, parents, administrators, 
custodians, paraprofessionals, 
lunchroom workers, guardians, 
community members, etc.).  
We must all learn to trust one 
another, make decisions and take 
risks, and cooperate for the success
of our students and our school.  
Teamwork enhances our
skills of coordination and communi-cation.  It forces us to see the 
BIGGER picture and celebrate 
successes (both of individuals 
and of teams).  Together we can 
make our game plan for this winning 

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January - Ms. Moy (Legomaster)
​February - Megan Huang
March - Joyce Hui
April - G B
May - Mrs. Ray
June - Don Don
July - Emily
August - 
September - 
October - Joyce Hui
November - Mrs. Ray
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Attached please find a letter that informs parents about the application process for current prekindergarten students and students who have a sibling currently enrolled at your school.

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** Important Dates **

Jan. 7th - School resumes; SEL Townhall          for grades 6 to 8
Jan. 8th-18th - NWEA MOY (middle of                year) testing
Jan. 8th - 9:45 am 5th-8th grade                        Foundations practice; 12:45-2:45                pm-  School Climate meeting in                  Library
Jan. 9th - 9:45 am-3rd and 4th grade                  Foundations practice; 12:45-2:45                pm-  School Climate meeting in                  Library
Jan. 11th - Spelling Bee; LSC meeting at            8 am; School Climate Action Plan             due
Jan. 21st - Martin Luther King Day (no                school)
Jan. 24th - Barossa Wind Quintet at 9:45            am for Pre-K to 4th grades and                  10:45  am for 5th to 8th grades
Jan. 25th - Geography Bee; Black History          Month-writing contest entries due
Jan. 28th-31st - Hearing and vision testing
Jan. 28th - PAC meeting at 8:15 am; SEL          Townhall for grades 3 to 5
Jan. 29th - 2nd grade trip to Chinatown              Library; Chicago Blackhawks ice-                skating trip for 4th & 5th grades
Jan. 31st - End of second quarter; Pre-K            to 2nd grade trip to DePaul "Go Dog          Go"

"We're On the Winning Team"
2018 - 2019
"Readers Are Leaders" 
Mrs. Anderson read to Pre-Kindergarten through 1st grade. Lots of great questions were asked and students did activities along with their stories. 
JWS students participated in the Chicago Student Invention Convention. Check them Out!!!
Zapata meets Alderman Solis:
Do you remember the little kid from Jerry Maguire, Ray Boyd? Yesterday I was paid a visit from one of my youngest constituents, 7 year-old Isaac Zapata, and he had his version of “the human head weighs 8 pounds” of information to share with me. Isaac, whose name is very fitting to the profession he wants to be when he grows up, a (nature) scientist, is a human encyclopedia, albeit a tiny one, of Monarch Butterfly knowledge. He had his mom reach out to my office so he could pitch me on his proposal to help preserve the monarch population in our own (Pilsen) backyard. This is necessary to help them complete their generational migration from Canada to Mexico. As it turns out, he nailed his scientific-based proposal, and our office is on board. 

Great job, Isaac, (and mom, Jessica Copilkiahuitl Zapata).
Join us for the parent SEED meetings