James Ward Elementary School
2701 South Shields Avenue
Chicago, IL. 60616
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Ms. Karen D. Anderson
Mrs. Maria Norville
Assistant Principal

"We're On The Winning Team"
Level 1+ World Language School
Our theme for this school year is 
“We’re On The Winning Team”.  
When we work together towards a 
common goal, we allow individuals 
to bring forth his/her skills and talents
while coordinating efforts of other 
team members to produce a
desirable outcome.  James Ward 
School consists of several teams 
(students, parents, administrators, 
custodians, paraprofessionals, 
lunchroom workers, guardians, 
community members, etc.).  
We must all learn to trust one 
another, make decisions and take 
risks, and cooperate for the success
of our students and our school.  
Teamwork enhances our
skills of coordination and communi-cation.  It forces us to see the 
BIGGER picture and celebrate 
successes (both of individuals 
and of teams).  Together we can 
make our game plan for this winning 

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Please join JWS in Shoparoo. Help JWS raise funds by shopping anywhere and scanning your receipts into the shoparoo app for Roo Bucks and Raffles or send receipts to Mrs. Chacon (room 209) and I will scan them in for you. Instructions

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Top 5 Shoparoo School Leaders

LEGO Master 1,075
Joyce Hui 1,055
Megan Huang 1,055
Grace Chung 710
J Li 620

* There will be a winner every month.
* If you win then you are not eligible to win again until the following January. This gives other people a chance to win
* Please only register in one name...so that no one wins more than once a year.
* We will be going from January to January.
* Keep scanning even if you won already...it gives our school funds :)

January - Ms. Moy (Legomaster)
​February - Megan Huang
March - Joyce Hui
April - Mrs. Ray
May - Cathy Chacon
June - Don Don
July - Kevin
August - Grace Chung
September - Happy 8th Grader
Is your child worth less? Let's tell Governor Rauner! 
To learn about Parent Portal please watch this video
JWS had a busy Saturday. Lots of families met at the Family Fun Run and others volunteered at the beautification of the front of JWS. We thank everyone who made our Saturday so wonderful. We  could not of done it without everyone's help.  
Leslie WOWed the audience at the Honor's Day Assembly on 6/19/17 with her version of "All of Me" by John Legend. 
Great Job!
​Important Dates

Oct. 13th - LSC meeting at 8 AM
Oct. 17th - PAC meeting at 8 AM & 5:30          PM.
Oct. 19th - High School Fair at Mark                Sheridan from 6-8 PM.
Oct. 31st - Fundraiser-Walk-a-thon                    (Halloween costume parade); TRC            and Reach Performance Tasks.

JWS Opening Bulletin for Families 2017-2018

NTA Feeder News

Parents Please Read!!
We are continuing our push to get current 8th grade families to activate their GoCPS high school application accounts. So Please register your 8th grader on GoCPS.
"We're On the Winning Team"
2017 - 2018
"Readers Are Leaders" 
Mrs. Anderson read to Pre-Kindergarten through 1st grade. Lots of great questions were asked and students did activities along with their stories.