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Donor's Choose and Shoparoo
Donor's Choose is an organization that matches schools in need with funding companies and people. Anyone can fund projects at. www,donorschoose.org with a credit or debit card. If you don't have a credit or debit card or are uncomfortable donating online you can send your donation and what project you want it to go to with your child to school to be given to Mrs. Chacon room 209. I will be sure it gets donated. Here are some projects you can fund:

Having Supplies Gives Us More Time to Learn
Amazing Books for Amazing Students
Elevated Classroom Presentations
Giant Fun with Giant Sized Recess Games
Organizational Space for Students
Back to School Basics
Sharing Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors With Middle Schoolers

Shoparoo is a phone app that is easy to download and use. Help JWS raise funds by shopping anywhere and scanning your receipts into the Shoparoo app. Step 1 download the shoparoo app then sign up with our school then scan receipts in as you shop and watch our funds grow. You can also send receipts to Mrs. Chacon room 209 and I will scan them for our school then they will be shredded unless you request them back. I want to thank everyone for scanning your receipts to help raise funds.