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Mission Statement: 
JAMES WARD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL provides a high quality instructional program that includes a comprehensive, standard/research-based curriculum, which challenges students, utilizes effective literacy strategies, and embraces cultural diversity. These best practices, coupled with the use of differentiated instruction, aim to increase the achievement level of all students, including students with disabilities and English Language Learners (ELL), in order to promote continuous progress in an inclusive, least restrictive, and safe environment. We maintain our efforts to develop and address the social and emotional needs of our students through various school-wide initiatives and special opportunities for growth. We also strive to maintain a strong school-home-community relationship.
Vision Statement: 
The JAMES WARD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL believes that all children are entitled to the best possible education. We are committed to ensuring an educationally enriched environment. As a Multicultural School, we respect and embrace diversity and cultural understanding through foreign language education. All children, including students with diverse learning needs, deserve to develop their unique interest, assume responsibility for their learning and work cooperatively to reach their fullest potential and their life goals. Ward School strives to prepare all students to actively and effectively participate in the dynamic global community of the 21st century.
Mr. Lupe perez
Dear Ward School’s parents/guardians, staff and students,

It is a great pleasure to introduce myself as the new principal of James Ward Elementary School. I look forward to meeting all of you and working alongside the community. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead a school with such a rich legacy of success and so much to be proud of.

My educational career spans 23 years with the Chicago Public Schools. In this time, I served for 11 years as a high school world language teacher and the past 12 years as an assistant principal of an elementary school. I am proud of my accomplishments along the way including building positive
relationships, supporting students’ social-emotional needs, being the administrator directly overseeing and leading the EL program, increasing student achievement results, and ensuring continuous learning for all. I am ecstatic to enter the next phase of my career and dedicate my skills to serve the James Ward School community.
As I embark on the upcoming school year I do so with the highest level of optimism. Please know that I value all stakeholder's input and thus plan on working with parents/guardians, staff, students and the entire Ward community to ensure that our students are safe and learning to their highest
potential. Together we will continue to provide experiences that are rigorous, relevant and with relationships based on trust to prepare them for their future endeavors.

As your new principal it is important to me to greet everyone who enters the school with the utmost respect. Please know that I have an open door policy and I want you to feel free to contact me to discuss any concerns you may have or any points you would like to share. Let us always keep our
students the primary focus of our work. I look forward to our work together in the years to come and establishing a team committed to the Ward School Community.

To our students, I cannot wait to meet you all! I hope that you are as excited as I am for this coming school year and that you are out this summer playing and enjoying yourselves with your family and friends. It is going to be a fun year of learning together. Please stay safe and have a great summer.
For Chinese and Spanish click Mr. Perez Introduction.

Mr. Pérez
James Ward School

Dr. Elizabeth GriffithMr. Terry
Asst. Principal

Dear James Ward Families and Community Members,
It is with great honor and privilege to serve as your next Assistant Principal at James Ward Elementary School! I would like to express my THANKS to the James Ward parents, teachers, and leadership team who were involved in the selection process and entrusting me with this opportunity! My name is Terry Khuu and I am so excited to return to the community (Armour Square and Bridgeport neighborhoods) in which I grew up. Like Principal Anderson, I am an educator at heart. Nothing makes us happier than to see your child learn, laugh, and grow! A successful educational experience for your child extends beyond the classroom through strong commitment and partnership between teachers, students, and families.
My professional practice will be grounded by the new CPS School Leadership Framework: Organizational Leadership, Instructional Core, Climate & Culture, and Talent to ensure that we meet our Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP) goals.
  • JWS Community: perfecting that secret-sauce in sustaining James Ward as the premier neighborhood school that it already is.
  • Teachers: strengthening our Instructional Core through robust professional learning, new Skyline curriculum implementation, equitable aligned curriculum, instruction, and assessments, to coaching.
  • Families: providing opportunities to be more engaged in your child's education through school-wide events, volunteering, field trips/learning journeys, to parent workshops. 
  • Students: prioritizing the health and well-being of every child through social emotional learning, differentiated instruction for academic success, to discovering talents in art, language, music, and physical education.
We are looking forward to an amazing year filled with learning, laughing, and growth! Please be encouraged to reach out to the leadership team and our teachers should inquiries arise.
Thank you and Go Jaguars!!



我非常荣幸能成为你们下一任华德小学的副校长我要向参与了选拔过程并赋予我这个机会的华德学校的家长、老师们和领导团队表示衷心的感谢!我名叫Terry Khuu,我很高兴能回到我长大的社区(铠甲广场和桥港社区)。和安德森校长一样,我骨子里也是一名教育工作者。没有什么比看到您的孩子学习、欢笑和成长更让我们开心的了通过教师、学生和家庭之间强有力的承诺和伙伴关系,您的孩子获得成功教育的经验将超越课堂。


我的专业实践将以新的 CPS 学校领导框架为基础:组织领导、教学核心、气候和文化以及人才,以确保我们实现持续改进工作计划 (CIWP)的目标。


  • 华德社区:完善这个秘诀,使华德保持目前已经是一流的社区学校。
  • 教师:通过强大的专业学习、新的Skyline课程的实施以及公平统一的课程、教学和评估以及指导来强化我们的教学核心。
  • 家庭:通过全校性活动、志愿服务、实地参观/学习旅行以及家长研讨会等方式,提供更多参与孩子教育的机会。
  • 学生:通过社会情感学习、为学业成功而实施差异化教学,发掘艺术、语言、音乐和体育方面的天赋,优先考虑每个孩子的健康和幸福。