The James Ward School Local Council

WE have three parent vacancies for the LSC. Please consider running. Use this candidate form to apply.
JWS Local School Council Members:
Name Position Representing Email
Raquel Don Parent Representative Vice President 
Eric Reed Teacher Representative FOIA/OMA 
Karen Anderson Principal Principal
Lisa Gunawan Teacher Representative Secretary 
Joyce Hui  Community Representative Community  
Vince Milazzo Community Representative Community  
  NTS  NTS  
Caili Li Parent Representative Parent  
Cheyenne Newson Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistant  
Krysta Barton Parent Representative Parent  
Mimi Visoso Parent Representative Parent  
Daimyon Rivera Parent Representative Parent  
Matthew Young Parent Representative Parent  
Schedule of Meetings for 2020-2021
Meetings times are 8:00 am or 5 pm
Sept. 8th, 2021 5 pm
Oct. 8th, 2021 8 am
Nov. 10th, 2021 5 pm
Dec. 10th, 2021 8 am
Jan. 12th, 2022 5 pm
Feb.11th, 2022 8 am 
March 9th, 2022 5 pm
April 6th, 2022 5 pm
May 13th, 8 am
June 8th, 2022 5 pm