Welcome to 3rd grade Literacy and Social Studies :)

    Welcome back to school jaguars!  I am so happy to be your teacher for the upcoming year.  We will focus on literacy while exploring many different cultures around the world.  It is my goal to create independent, tolerant, and responsible children through integrated units that explore different experiences.  In addition, my students practice yoga and social emotional learning daily.  I teach to the whole child in order to help them grow.
    My favorite things to do include meditation, traveling the world, and yoga.  I come from a diverse family background with grandparents from Ecuador, China, Germany, and Italy.   As a result, I have visited 6 of the 7 continents with my family.  We love to explore new places, culture, and people.  These experiences have helped me grow as a teacher and as a person.  It has also taught me to love and appreciate all children.
    This is my 18th year as a third grade teacher at James Ward Elementary.  I have an English Second Language,  Middle School,  Social Studies, and Language Arts endorsement.  I also attended the University of Michigan for undergraduate school with a focus on Political Science.  My Masters in Education is from DePaul University where we focused on urban education.  After DePaul, I took an additional 45 hours of graduate courses that focused on race and culture, art history, and mental health for children.