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JWS Behavioral Health Team Information

James Ward BHT

  • Our BHT Members:
  • BHT Lead- Ms. Czochara- School Counselor, LCPC
  • Ms.Huang - School Psychologist
  • Ms.He - School Social Worker
  • Ms.Liang - Health Service Nurse
  • Ms.Healy- Case Manager
  • Ms. Richmond - OST Lead
What is a BHT?
The Behavioral Health Team (BHT) is a multi-disciplinary team of school and community-based professionals who engage in collaborative problem solving to support students with social, emotional and behavioral concerns.
Benefits of Behavioral Health Teams 
  • Build a Tier II/III teaming structure through a multi-tiered systems of support model (MTSS) to initiate the problem-solving process for students with social, emotional, and behavioral concerns
  • Build on capacity and address needs of the individual school
  • Engage in collaborative problem solving process with multi-disciplinary team of school and community-based professionals
  •  Screen  students’ for social and emotional strengths and needs through standardized screening tools and match to an appropriate intervention(s)
 Benefits of Behavioral Health Teams 
  • Provides evidence-based interventions that address students’ social, emotional, and behavioral needs. 
  • Collect, interpret, and report on social, emotional and behavioral data to improve quality of services and engage in continual progress monitoring to evaluate effectiveness of interventions. 
  • Establish partnerships with community mental health and/or restorative practice coaches to support in the promotion of SEL and/or mental health delivery.
  • Develops a system of accountability to ensure follow-through with service delivery. 
  • Builds on and maximizes existing resources.


James Ward School 

Menu of                             

Behavioral Health Interventions

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3


Check In/Check Out 

Functional Behavior Assessment 

Leader In Me 

Anger Coping 

Behavior Intervention Plan


Grief Group

Community Agency Referral

Restorative Conversations 

Study Skills 

Academic Supports

Restorative Circles 

Peace Circles 



Academic Supports


Community Social-Emotional Support Providers  

Midwest Asian Health Association (MAHA) 

Contact:  Melissa Wee

Address: 230 W. Cermak Rd. 2nd Fl., Chicago, IL 60616

Phone: (312) 225-8659 (English) 

             (312) 225-6806 (Chinese)


Restoration Center Chicago

Contact: Dr.Francis Tung and Associates

Address: 1200 W. 35th Street, Suite 5B220, Chicago, IL 60609

Phone: (872) 401-6041

Email: [email protected]