5th / 6th Grade Literary Luminaries

word brainWelcome to Mrs. Dilley's 5th and 6th grade literary luminaries! Please explore our site for important information and links for 5th and 6th grade reading and writing class.  General links includes information for both 5th and 6th grades, like links to Accelerated Reader and reading journal homework. 5th grade work is under the 5th grade tab, 6th grade work under the 6th grade tab. 
Reading Logs in Quarter Two: Due to the funkiness of the schedule in the beginning of quarter two, reading logs this quarter will work as follows. Out of the 9 weeks of the quarter, students must complete 7 weeks of reading log. Note however that I will only take one reading log a week - aka don't try to turn seven reading logs in the last week of the quarter please! Reading logs are meant to encourage continued reading fluency and analysis on a daily basis, not just a flurry at the end of a quarter - its a marathon not a race! Reading logs should be turned in on each class's weekly due date. 
  • Mondays: 301
  • Tuesdays: 304
  • Wednesdays: 306
  • Thursdays: 302