General Information

ARAccelerated Reader: Accelerated Reader is used throughout James Ward school to provide kids with comprehension quizzes they can complete to show their understanding of their independent reading books, book club books, and full class novels. When students finish a book, they may log on to Accelerated Reader to complete the quiz of their choice. 
reading journal
Homework: Research has repeatedly shown that the more a student reads at home, the more the student will grow as a reader and a learner. Therefore students are required to:  
        • Read for a minimum of 30 minutes, five nights every week.  
  • Read anything you want generally within your lexile range.
  • When students are finished with a book, they should take an Accelerated Reader quiz on their book, to check their comprehension of what they read. Students should have at least three independent reading books complete each quarter that they have passed an AR quiz on (70% or above).