We see a leader in YOU! 5th/6th Science

Welcome back to a new world of remote learning, but I am excited to begin this adventure with all of our future leaders in Science. My goal for the year is to help our scientist and family stay current and up-to-date with what is happening. All of our science learning is aligned with the expectations of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and as we work in Amplify Science our students will take on roles with real world applications. For example, we will have astronomers, food scientists, medical students, etc. as they ask and answer questions to figure out interesting everyday phenomenon. As we work together this year to learn how to think, read, write, talk, and act like true scientists.

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Please consider this an ever evolving work space.

Metabolism 6th Grade

In Metabolism, students take on the role of medical students as they figure out and explain why a patient named Elisa feels tired all the time. As they investigate why Elisa’s body systems are not working properly, students learn how body systems work together to provide the trillions of cells in the human body with the molecules they need. By exploring how athletic training improves the body’s function, students learn how energy is released in the cells through cellular respiration and how that energy allows the body to move and helps cells grow and repair themselves. In the final chapter of the unit, students apply what they’ve learned to figure out whether an athlete used blood doping to improve his performance.


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Modeling Matter 5th Grade

In Modeling Matter, students take on the role of food scientists trying to figure out if a dangerous food dye is in a food coloring mixture. Then they work on creating a salad dressing that looks and tastes good. They observe hands-on investigations and use models to get evidence about different mixtures. They learn about how what happens at the nanoscale (the scale of molecules) is related to what happens at the observable scale (the scale of things we can see). They make their own models and write scientific explanations to share what they have figured out about matter and mixtures.


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