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Full STEAM Ahead towards 5th/6th Science

My name is Mrs. Jenny Croitoru and I will be your child’s science teacher this year.  I would like to welcome you and your child to the start of the new school year. We are going to have a busy and productive year, filled with exciting learning activities and quarterly projects.  Attached are some papers you should read with your child. First are science supplies, discipline & tardy regulations, assessment, and grading policy. The second is a classroom syllabus which outlines the course content.  Also attached is a list of laboratory safety rules, followed by a “Laboratory Safety Contract” which must be signed by both student and parent. 

2nd Quarter Excitement
5th graders are going to wrap up our first unit in Patterns of Earth and Sky with one last chapter to complete before moving into the next unit of Modeling Matter. The 6th graders are also completing their first unit on Microbiomes which will have another 2 lessons before their summative assessment. They will move onto the next unit of Metabolism next.
In health, we've began our sexual health curriculum.Please know that if choose for your child to not be in this class, we shall need a written notice of "opting out" of this curriculum.

5th Grade

Lesson 1: Puberty – Students learn about the physical, social, and emotional changes of puberty, including changes specific to male and female bodies. 

Lesson 2: Adolescent Health and Hygiene – Students learn proper hygiene practices to keep their growing bodies healthy. 

Lesson 3: Self-esteem and Body Image – Students explore the influence of media and social culture on their changing body image. 

Lesson 4: Human Reproduction – Students are introduced to concepts in human reproduction and explore how puberty prepares the body for reproduction. 

Lesson 5: Abstinence and Contraceptives – Abstinence is stressed as a developmentally appropriate sexual practice. Hormonal and barrier method contraceptives are introduced as ways to prevent pregnancy and STIs. 

Lesson 6: HIV/AIDS – HIV is defined as a sexually transmitted disease, and students learn ways to protect themselves from transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Abstinence is stressed as developmentally appropriate sexual behavior. 

Lesson 7: Gender and Identity – Students learn the difference between sex and gender and brainstorm ways to show respect to different ways of gender expression. 

Lesson 8: Personal Safety and Abuse – Students identify behaviors of sexual abuse and harassment and learn techniques for protecting themselves against sexual abuse and harassment.

Lesson 9: Identifying Resources and Review – Students review key concepts from the unit and identify resources of medically-accurate information on puberty, human reproduction, and personal safety.


6th Grade

Lesson 1: Human Anatomy and Reproduction – Students describe male and female sexual and reproductive systems, including body parts and their functions. Students define sexual intercourse and its relationship to human reproduction.

Lesson 2: Pregnancy and Birth – Students identify signs and symptoms of pregnancy and learn prenatal practices that contribute to a healthy pregnancy. 

Lesson 3: Exploring Abstinence – Students will identify abstinence as the only 100% effective method of protecting against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Student will develop and communicate a plan for practicing abstinence. 

Lesson 4: Contraceptives – Students will learn the benefits, risks, and effectiveness rates of various types of contraceptive methods, including abstinence, condoms, hormonal methods, and emergency contraceptives. 

Lesson 5: STIs and HIV Prevention – Students will learn medically-accurate information about STIs and HIV. Students will develop a plan to reduce their risk for STIs and HIV. 

Lesson 6: Decision Making – Students apply a decision making model to adolescent and sexual health scenarios. 

Lesson 7: Delay Tactics and Refusal Skills – Students practice communicating effectively about their sexual health decisions. 

Lesson 8: Sexual Health Resources – Students identify medically-accurate sources of information about sexual health, STIs, and HIV.