Literacy Resources & Links

  • Booksource is the site where my classroom library is located.  Please use this link to check out books and return them according to the instructions in your binder.  Mrs. Rewers Classroom Library
  • provides search tools to find books that might be of interest based on your Lexile, favorite genres or authors.  This is the best resource for finding the Lexile of a book you want to read.  Find a Book at
  • is a resource to find out if a book as an Accelerated Reader quiz.  Find out if your book has an AR quiz
  • Accelerated Reader should be used for graded tests IN CLASS ONLY, but you can access it at home to check for quizzes and to make sure you haven't already read the book.  Accelerated Reader
  • Chicago Public Library is an excellent resource for finding books you want to read that might not be at James Ward.  When you find a book title, it will tell you all the libraries where that book is available.  You can set up an account with your library card and put books on hold at your local library, or request that a book be sent to your local library to pick up at a future date.  Chicago Public Library
  • Overdrive eBooks (from Chicago Public Libraries) are available to download to a computer or tablet through CPL.  Overdrive eBooks
  • is our word study program for the second half of the school year.
  • Learner's Dictionary provides the most concise, understandable definitions if you are annotating vocabulary:  Online dictionary
  • provides synonyms for word study flashcards:  Online thesaurus
  • This list of prefixes, suffixes, and roots, is a great resource for identifying additional words in your WTW units:  Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots